The difficulties of managing different time zones, language barriers, and cultural differences can be frustrating. Plus, you need to understand the differences between synchronous and asynchronous communication, and when to use each. Choose the appropriate collaboration tools for your team, and make sure that everyone has access and knows how to use them. That might include a specialist project management software, shared calendars, file sharing systems, and so on. According to ProfitfromTech, 85% of managers believe that teams with remote workers will become the new norm. Meanwhile, 77% of employees say they are more productive while working from home.

One of the first mistakes you may make when working remotely from home is to allow all of your favorite items in the house to distract you. Hence, you should try to separate the place where you work from a relatively quiet place in your home. Everyone will have everything they need to get up and running as soon as they sign in for the day, regardless of what time it is.

Global Teams are Possible

Respecting the working hours of your remote team members may result in less synchronous communication. Marketers are realizing that global teams may be extremely useful to a company’s culture and capacity to acquire varied talent as remote work and satellite offices grow more common. There are team members that have to get up early or stay up late to make this daily meeting, but it’s a small price to pay for all of the benefits of remote work.

For instance, I work with Gretchen every single day and I start the work with her at 6 p.m. These are the kinds of things that it’s just good to keep in mind with your teammates. Many calendar apps now include features that make it easier to schedule meetings across time zones. In many cases, you can set your calendar to display times in your own time zone, as well as others. Managing different time zones for various employees is one of the biggest challenges managers and recruiters face when working in a remote environment. Thankfully, there are multiple tools and best practices that can help you to get around this challenge with ease.

tips for scheduling meetings with a remote team

Though not as intuitive as Every Time Zone, World Clock Meeting Planner from lets you pick the locations and date for your meeting. Then, the tool color working across time zones codes the times that are best , not too bad , and the worst . The visual time zone converter helps you easily find the exact time difference between locations.

There’s a slight time delay when people speak, and when two or more people speak at the same time, they tend to mute each out out. The awkwardness seems to have led most people to stay silent while one or two people dominated the conversation. If it must be a working session, then delegate topic areas small groups. Before COVID, members would fly over to the location considered home base. We formed project teams flexibly across locations, and the flexibility afforded us designers the opportunity to get immersed in projects and get to know the culture of the other locations. We don’t think people purposely fail to prepare for meetings, but they do not have the tools and processes in place to become effective at preparing for those meetings.

Common mistakes to avoid when working with a dispersed team

Oyster is a global employment platform designed to enable visionary HR leaders to find, engage, pay, manage, develop, and take care of a thriving distributed workforce. It’s harder to get to know team members when everyone doesn’t work in the same office, not to mention in the same time zone. Flexible work hours also give team members a chance to work when they’re most productive, whether that be all morning, all afternoon, all night, or a mixed schedule. Just search for the current time zone in the city/ country you’re trying to coordinate with. No matter how independently you can work, and how hard you try to stay connected, you won’t be in the flow of what everyone’s doing unless you have a team chat tool. “At TechCrunch and The Next Web, having a central point of contact is critical,” says Russell.

working across multiple time zones

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