Legal Bitcoin Casinos – List of Online Casinos That Accept Bitcoins|Legal Bitcoin Casinos – List of Online Casinos That Accept Bitcoins

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Legal Bitcoin Casinos – List of Online Casinos That Accept Bitcoins

The world of online casino gambling has been shaken quite a bit with the introduction of the first online cryptocurrenly called Bitcoin.

Back in 2009, the emergence of the first, online-only, completely anonymous credit-based currency for buying and trading online, meant that the stakes have changed. No longer were we, online gambling enthusiasts bound to dollars, euros and other currencies which in turn were “tied” to establish banking methods like credit cards, prepaid cards, bank transfers, etc.

Online casinos had seen the potential from the get go – players could potentially just place a bet without any hassle that burdened “contemporary” casinos. Bitcoins have become, in essence, the perfect way for online players to experience their favorite casino games.

The legality of Bitcoins had been contested at first since “no one really knew where Bitcoins came from, who created them and if they are a viable source for trading and income online.” But, after the initial doubts and market fluctuation, it was established that Bitcoins, like any other currency, are just as effective and accepted as other forms of online payments.

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With that being said, if you are looking for the next online casino to try out using Bitcoins, here is a set of the 10 most burning questions about the popular online cryptocurrency:

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are planning on joining an online casino that allows Bitcoins as a payment method, then these are some of the most important questions asked and answered.

What is Bitcoin?

Like we already established, Bitcoin is an online cryptocurrency which was introduced in 2009. Its definition, simplified, basically means that it is a online currency that uses encryption techniques that regulate the generation of units and also verify the transfer of funds, without the need of a centralized bank.

It is a bit technical and a tad unclear if you aren’t into finances and online economics but alas, if you want to trade online without the need of a middle man, then Bitcoin is the way to go.

Where do I buy Bitcoins?

Bitcoins can be purchases from plethora of certified sites. You will need to get yourself a Bitcoin wallet for storage, which also acts as a security deposit for your Bitcoin funds. Buying Bitcoins can be done using any method for online purchases such as credit cards, bank transfers, etc.

If you are wondering where to actually start, you can probably do so on the official Bitcoin website. There you can find some suggestions from trusted sites where you can purchase a Bitcoin wallet and then, to buy Bitcoins for your own use for online casino gaming.

Is Bitcoin safe to use?

Of course. It wouldn’t be that much popular nor make any sense to promote Bitcoin casinos if it wasn’t. Keep in mind – online casinos are very concerned with security and Bitcoins are arguably one of the safest payment methods out there.

Bitcoins are amazing at security and safety for online gambling because they have encryption at the forefront, meaning only you can control the access to your Bitcoin wallet. Two way authentications is also present from the get-go, so you need not worry if your Bitcoins are thoroughly secure.

Another part of the reason why Bitcoins are so secure is the fact that each casino has to employ a “cold wallet storage” – which is a separate storage for their Bitcoins, which isn’t accessible by anyone other than the casino. Once the funds have been cleared, then the withdrawal process can be started and concluded in several moments.

Is Bitcoin casino gambling anonymous?

Absolutely. Bitcoins are at the very forefront of completely anonymous online gambling. This is mostly because, as an online cryptocurrency, they can only be traced to your online Bitcoin wallet. You can, however, buy your Bitcoin wallet and never ever mention your real name, credit card number or so on.

The casino will never ask you for your private account details, unless there is a loyalty program in place (though even then, it will only be symbolic).

How do Bitcoin casinos work?

The same was regular casinos work – you pick a game you want to wager, you choose the preferred payment method (Bitcoins in this instance) and you enter your Bitcoin wallet information. It is usually as straight forward as that. No authentication, no contact details, no nothing. It is a great way to get to playing as fast as possible without any worries for your personal information.

How do Bitcoin transactions function?

Bitcoins are only transferred from a Bitcoin wallet to another wallet. The casino has their own “hot” and “cold” storage. The hot storage collects all wagers and then transfers them to the cold storage for safe keeping. It is virtually impossible to crack those wallets due to powerful encryptions and two way authentications.

Where can I find casinos that support Bitcoins?

Many casinos today specialize for use of Bitcoins, though majority of the big name online casinos already allow for Bitcoin casino gambling. Simply navigate to their payment methods section and see if there is the Bitcoin logo included. If so, then you can play using Bitcoins. You can also play at casinos that are primarily made with Bitcoins in mind. These casinos are usually smaller in scope and operate using the latest HTML5 technology. They offer a smaller

Is Bitcoin casino gambling legal?

Bitcoins are accepted and acknowledged as legal in several countries, excluding the USA and the UK where restrictions are applied. Other than that, casinos registered in countries outside these regions accept Bitcoins and are completely legal.

Are there any fees when using Bitcoins for casino gambling?

None. Bitcoins are not consigned to fees for online transactions the way credit cards do so feel free to use them at your leisure. This is due to the fact that there is no bank to set regulation and impose fees for the transactions.

Are Bitcoins transactions secure?

Very. It may be a bit of a stretch but at the moment, Bitcoins may be the most secure way for online gambling available on the market. Thanks to their origin, i.e. being a cryptocurrency, it basically means that Bitcoins cannot be “hacked” the traditional way and you are safe to use them at your leisure.

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