1. Sol Casino

Sol casino

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2. Rox Casino

Rox casino

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3. Jet Casino

Jet casino

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4. Fresh Casino

Fresh casino

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5. Izzi Casino

Izzi casino

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6. Legzo Casino

Legzo casino

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Fallout: New Vegas location


FNV Gomorrah Ext.png

FNV Gomorrah Casino Floor.png

Icon building.png

The Gomorrah exterior and main gambling hall


Gomorrah loc.jpg

Map Marker None (nearest: )
Part of New Vegas Strip
Sections Lobby and casino
Zoara Club
Gomorrah courtyard
Lower level
Suites level
Big Sal’s office
Factions Omertas
Leaders Nero
Big Sal
Quests Bye Bye Love
For the Republic, Part 2
How Little We Know
The House Always Wins
The White Wash
Wild Card: Side Bets
Big Winner
Big Winner, The Gomorrah
Cell Name StripGomorrah (exterior)
Gomorrah00 (Lw. lobby, Brimstone)
Gomorrah01 (Main level)
Gomorrah02 (3rd floor)
Gomorrah03 (Suites)
GomorrahPlaceholder (Top floor)
GomorrahCourtyard0 (Courtyard)
GomorrahJoanaRoom (Joana’s room)
ref id 0013b32c (exterior)
0010d629 (lw. lobby, brimstone)
0010cc8f (main level)
0010da72 (3rd floor)
0010da71 (suites)
0011118c (top floor)
001106ab (Courtyard)
00126392 (Joana’s room)



Gomorrah is a casino on the New Vegas Strip.


The Gomorrah casino has about as much sparkle as the Desperado (which is to say, not much at all); still, it’s the biggest den of sex fiends in the city. It is a favorite of NCR troopers, who often gather in large numbers outside. The casino is managed by the Omertas, a shadowy gang of racketeers and gangsters.



There are four main areas that have loading screens between them: the main level, the lower level, the courtyard, and the suites level.

Main level

Lobby and casino

Just inside the lobby entrance is the casino floor, with casino games in the middle and the bank to the left for changing money. In the back left is the entrance to the Brimstone lounge. In the back right is the main elevator bank. The elevators go down to the lower lobby, or up to the suites level. Going to the suites level requires picking a very hard lock (or obtaining a Zoara Club key).


This club houses a bar, a listless dancer on a stage, and not much else. Cachino, a major player in the How Little We Know quest, can usually be found in the Brimstone main level during normal hours. At night he sometimes returns to his room on the suites level.

An elevator to the left of the bar leads to the lower level. A door (average lock) to the right of the bar leads to the Zoara Club. A key to the club can be obtained from Cachino, or the door has an Omerta thug near it who can be convinced to let the player through under the right circumstances. See the quest How Little We Know for more details. Past the stage in the Brimstone lounge are double doors leading to the courtyard.

Zoara Club

This small VIP lounge overlooks the main Brimstone club. It contains a few pool tables, another bar, and the private offices of the head of the Omertas, Nero, and his right-hand man, Big Sal. The doors to both offices are locked (very hard). See How Little We Know for various ways to obtain access to these offices.

The hallway behind the Zoara Club usually holds Big Sal (if he’s not in his room), and sometimes Nero.


This open-air courtyard has a variety of tents where customers can presumably spend private time with the men and women (both human and ghoul) who circulate around in skimpy outfits offering dances and bedroom activities.

The first time the player enters this area they will encounter Joana immediately, who is central to the quest Bye Bye Love. Later she may be found in her room or dancing in one of the corner nooks.

One can find a variety of prostitutes dancing and walking around, but only Joana and Dazzle can be engaged in extended conversation. Joana and Dazzle are also the only prostitutes that the player can have sex with, once the player heads to their bed, the screen goes black and the player can only hear the interaction.

On the second level, just to the right of the door as the player enters, is the door to Joana’s room.

Lower level

This level contains a maze of rooms and corridors, including:

Suites level

This level contains four suites and two storage rooms:

There are Omerta thugs hanging around in most of the hallways; with judicious sneaking, however, all doors can be unlocked without much risk of detection. Clanden will not mind the player barging in and talking to him, but if Nero, Big Sal, or Cachino are in their respective suites when the player enters, they will usually turn hostile (unless the player has already gotten on good terms with them during the How Little We Know quest).



Rewards and Ban

As the player earns chips, the casino offers increasing comps and gifts:

After the player earns more than 9,000 chips, they are permanently banned from playing games in the casino. They can still use its other functions, such as the restaurant and cashing out their chips, but they cannot win any more money. If the player breaks the house limit before being given any comps (i.e., by winning an unusually large amount in one game), they will not receive any comps that they missed.

Notable loot

Lower level

Main level

Suites level



The piped-in music used in the lobby and club areas consists of the following tracks:

The music used in the Gomorrah Courtyard.


Gomorrah appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes

Spare Us the Cutter




  1. ↑ Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide Collector’s Edition p.338-340: [2D.01] Gomorrah
    Where The Strip’s other casinos are refined, the Gomorrah is rough around the edges, and coarse, as it offers sleazy sex for sale. Top of the attractions list is the sex (any type you want with anyone you want); then the booze and drugs, and finally the Food and Gambling. The casino’s entire theme is excessive debauchery. While casino games are available, they are the Omertas’ secondary interest. Unlike the Chairman, the Omertas think little of their clientele and will beat the crap out of them as soon as look at them. Unknown to everyone else on the strip (although Mr. House has some idea), the head of the Gomorrah, Nero, may be orchestrating a racket with unknown parties.”
    (Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide Collector’s Edition Tour of the Mojave Wasteland)
  2. ↑ Sweetie: “I got my start at the Gomorrah, good money, but I saw how those Omertas hook girls on free Jet or Med-X – then start charging.”
  3. ↑ Formspring


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